The Day Jesus Asked For My Prayer Request


One morning i used to be dreaming when Jesus asked me in my sleep for me to contact Jonathon Edwards, the yankee medium. I requested Jesus in my sleep, how to try this and Jesus instructed me just to say his call.

I stated his call and he came on-line and the Lord then directed me to inform him to turn from his existence of sin and to stop acting as a medium. When I introduced this message I awakened and i used to be extensive wide awake, a state that typically takes a few hours of some sturdy coffees.

I requested Jesus, “Did that actually occur?”

“yes it did Matthew,” The Lord responded.

“Now I need you to invite me for some thing, Jesus said. “You in no way ask me for some thing and now I need you to invite for something.”

I felt like Solomon being requested for a prayer request that the Lord become going to answer.

I had a cautious notion for some time. I notion of the prophecy in Joel wherein it said sons and daughters will prophesy and guys will see goals and visions and i asked the Lord Jesus may want to I revel in prophetic goals and will I revel in visions.

Properly, allow me say first of all that now not everybody is ever requested with the aid of Jesus for a prayer request, but that morning on the grounds that i was requested I made sure now not to waste it. I agree with with all my heart that the verse that is in Joel and quoted in Acts was put in my thoughts by means of the Holy Spirit. Request prophetic word I consider the Lord Jesus asked me what I wanted and then the Holy Spirit gave me a clue what to ask for.

Due to the fact that day in approximately 2002 i’ve been lucky to have five visions where i used to be transported in my mind to heaven and skilled perspectives and met people up there. I was nonetheless on earth in my frame, but in my mind a photo performed of heaven and i used to be in a position to talk to and have interaction with Jesus and different human beings up there. Each of the studies become memorable for me.

I have encountered angels on this planet in those beyond years. Although a former pal does no longer accept as true with it, i have encountered each Michael the arch angel and Gabriel on the planet. My former pal says that such important angels would now not go to me and it seems to have benefit what he says, shop that Jesus himself have visited me on many events and that i feel Jesus is extra vital within the country of God then Michael.

Some would love to element with me right here and say i am speakme heresy and that Jesus Christ does now not come to earth but sits on the proper hand aspect of the father and does now not leave his throne to return and seem to guys.

Human beings can also be interested in the fact that one time I requested Jesus if he may want to convey with him traffic from heaven. From that time on Jesus delivered human beings out of the Bible to the earth to me in visions. At one time, my former pal who has now determined to distance himself from me saw approximately fifteen of these human beings from heaven and for over an hour brought their phrases to me as I questioned them.

I also have had some of desires that speak of my future or a future i’m hoping will appear. Three times i have dreamt that my former wife had come again to me and i was assembly my son once more. I choose to consider that these dreams are an answer to that prayer that morning, as they may be the most effective desires i’ve had of the future.

I encourage you to wish to the Lord and ask for dreams and visions and perhaps the Lord Jesus may be proper to you also.

I’d upload for the skeptical that Peter and John noticed the dead Moses and Elijah at the mount with Jesus. It’s miles possible. John even encountered a prophet/angel as a guide through the e-book of Revelation. In Revelation 22 the angel says that his a prophet.


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