How to Understand Bible Prophecy for Yourself


As a conceivable time interim. Where there are similitudes in portrayal, the translator ought to take into account a period interim, that correlation can be made with other prophetic sections where the time qualification is distinguished, as in the Old Testament’s Daniel seventy weeks prophecy, and Jesus’ Matthew 24 New Testament prophecy.Third, take into consideration the plausibility of a twofold reference. Numerous researchers believe it’s ideal to think about the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation related, for the basic explanation that they share references practically speaking – in other words that while Daniel may utilize certain brutal imagery to depict what he found in his vision; John, the Revelator, may utilize something different in his portrayal, yet they’re both alluding to a similar occasion.

All things considered, prophecy likely could be the adjusting factor in our predetermination when we study it cautiously. As is referenced in Diary of   the Coming of a Christ-focused Age, “prophecy lights up comprehension of how the start of all things identify with the finish of all things.”

Numerous Christians today don’t think about Bible prophecy as a result of all the prophetic images contained in that. In any case, Bible prophecy is there to be seen, generally the Lord would not have given it a chance to be incorporated into the Bible. Book of scriptures prophecy isn’t there to confound, however to REVEAL! Similarly as the start of the book of Revelation affirms. It is the “disclosure of Jesus Christ”. So on the off chance that Bible prophecy is to be a disclosure, Request personal Prophecy at that point God would not have it written such that nobody could get it.

Nor is Bible prophecy open to personal understanding, in light of the fact that the Bible affirms in 2 Peter 1:20, that no prophecy is of private elucidation. So how are we to translate the predictions of the Bible? What is the most ideal approach to comprehend what all these prophetic images mean? All things considered, we utilize the Bible to decipher itself, and what I mean by that will be that when we gone over a word that isn’t clear regarding what it implies, at that point we look somewhere else in the Bible for that specific word to perceive what it implies.

How about we take a gander at a model

In Revelation 13 we have two brutes. One that ascents up out of the ocean, and one that ascents up out of the earth. Presently in the event that we simply read this section without anyone else, at that point it will be really troublesome, about difficult to comprehend what is being told. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we utilize the standard of giving the Bible a chance to decipher itself, at that point we can locate some comprehension of this. In this way, we have to discover what a “brute” is in Bible prophecy. On the off chance that we go to Daniel 7, we discover a refrain there that says “and the fourth brute is the fourth KINGDOM upon the earth”. Also, there we have it! A brute in Bible prophecy is a kingdom or country of the world. So now we realize that these two mammoths in Revelation 13 are two countries of the world.

  1. We should take something different from Revelation 13 and apply this understanding standard. It says the primary brute ascents up out of the “ocean”. What hugeness is that? Indeed, on the off chance that we utilize the Bible to decipher itself, at that point we have to search somewhere else for an importance. What’s more, Revelation 17:15 gives us that significance, where the heavenly attendant in Revelation 17 says that the “waters” speak to “people groups, hoards, countries and tongues”.
  2. So this monster of Revelation 13 that emerges from the “ocean” is in reality a country that ascents up out of a populated territory with various individuals, countries and dialects, similar to Europe.

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